Need help finding a cheap motherboard

Can someone give me some suggestions for a cheap motherboard (~$50 US) that will be suitable for my parts. I shipped my pc via UPS and my motherboard wasn't screwed in very well and ended up breaking. So, I need a new one.
Here's my specs:
Nvidia 8800GTS 512mb
Corsair XMS 4gb 1066 Ram
Rosewill 500w power supply
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    its in your budget and will work with q6600 will not over clock. ram would run at 800mhz
    ITs very Cheap at $44.00


    try ebay for a used motherboard.
    I have also had very good luck with newegg open box, I have bought 4 MSI platinums ,2 K9A2 amd boards ,and 1 P45 intel, and just picked up X58 Platinum, not a fanboy just worked out that way. ALL boards work great and only one was missing drivers disk and one had wrong I.O shield. saved close to 40% on the x58 board at $150 shipped.
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