Ok, here's the problem. I turn my computer on and a see the first page of bios, then the screen goes black throughout the rest of the bios and windows xp loading screen, until I reach desktop. I see about 1-3 seconds of desktop and it goes black, and generally stays black. The screen is still on, I know this because the colour is green and not orange when its in stand by. Anyways, I found out if I turn the screen off and then turn it back on, i see the desktop for for another 1-3 seconds or until I move the mouse or anything on the screen changes.

What is with that? If the monitor is bust, why am I able to turn it off, and then when I turn it back on I can see desktop again? Could it be something to do with power to the monitor? I have had the monitor for about 2.5 years, its a 19" WS Proview. Before this happened the monitor was flickering a bit and changing in brightness etc..

I got the monitor from downstairs on the older computer, which has a 17" regular screen, and that seem to work perfectly. I know its not a graphics card problem because I recently changed it to see if it was the problem, which is wasn't.

If it is a monitor problem I am looking at a 22" LCD monitor to get, which one would you guys recommend?

That site is the store I am getting it from, the monitors they sell are on the left hand side of the first page, I am looking for the 250 range 22" screen, preffably 2ms.
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  1. Why don't you take your "broken" monitor and try it on your computer downstairs to be sure? Seems like a weird problem, might as well do a little more testing before buying a new one.

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