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I am building a gaming system. Not sure what processor will use. Was looking at a q6600 or e6600.

I would liket to get a Nvidia board. Which board would be good for playing Starcaft, Diablo 2, WOW, Lord of the Rings online, Warhammer online, Starcaft 2 and Diablo 3 when they come out and maybe Far Cry and COD 4.

Help please. Which is better, Nvidia or ATI? I don't want to buy the most expenseive card, something good.

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  1. There is no better brand. Both Nvidia and AMD (ATI) have great cards. It depends on your budget and the screen size you will use.

    For normal gaming, I'd suggest a 4850 or 4870 for AMD (ati) cards and a 9800 GTX+ or 260 216 for Nvidia.

    But in a day or 2, you will find the what's the best videocard I can buy for gaming (or some title similar to that) on the mainpage of toms and you can see what's the best card you can buy for your budget.
  2. Currently the 4800 series (ATI) will be your best bet. A quad core is better than an e6600. Granted, some software hasn't been written optimized for quad core so your processor choice depends on how long you plan on keeping this. If you're keeping for only the next 2 years go core 2 duo. Beyond that, get a quad core (i7?). New GPUs aren't coming until may-june so get an X58 board, and get a 4850/4870. When the new cards come out (provided you need a new gpu), pick up another 4850 at a discount.
  3. As far as cpu goes, get either the Q6600 if you wanna go quad, or a newer C2D like E8400 or better, otherwise.

    Really depends on what resolution you want to play at, when considering gpu. The games you listed aren't particularly graphically intensive, other than FarCry(2?).

    If your resolution is 1680x1050 or lower: get ATI HD4850 or NVIDIA 9800GTX+.
    If higher, get the HD4870 or GTX260.
  4. Don't waste your money on the i7, unless you have a lot of money.

    It's not a bad cpu, but it's not worth it yet. It's the early edition so you have to pay premium prices for everything. If you really want and have the money, the i7 is perfect, but if you want to play those games, I'd suggest sticking with either the q6600 or the e8400 series.
  5. Unless it`s cheap, I`d leave the E6600 alone, the newer Wolfdale and Yorkfield chips are far better.
    As a new build, I`d suggest either the GTX260(216) or HD4870(1Gb) for graphics and a Q9550 or Q6600 (depending on budget) for CPU.
  6. Uh, for what you want to play you really won't be needing what other people have suggested, except for maybe COD4 at a high resolution. Unless of course how much money you're spending doesn't really matter to you, then there's no reason not to get a high end card.

    I'd suggest for Nvidia a 9600 GSO/8800 GS or a 9600 GT. As for ATI an HD 4670 would be good.
  7. How about the new 8800GTS ?
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