Q6600 Temps, these normal?

Hey CPU guys, I have a Q6600 question.

I'm not new to overclocking, but I got a new chip for a scary deal and wanted to see if this all looked ok.

Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 Rev 3.3
Q6600 G0 SLACR
2X1 Corsair DDR2 PC26400 @ 4-4-4-12
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 1, with back plate from $6 Cooler Master C2D HSF

Right now, I'm running at 400x8 (3.2), but this chip will do 380x9 (3.42).

I've been running Small FFT's for an hour and a half now, and Core 0 peaks at 54C. At 380x9, I needed 1.4V in BIOS, and I get close to 65C, but it pumped P95 for 3 days, 0 errors. Think I'm safe for 24/7 at those temps and vcore?
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  1. They seems good to me.
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    Keep your temps under 70 c and do not exceed 1.45 volts on the cores.
  3. Agrees with both ^

    I have mine set to 3.6 (400 x 9) with Vcore @ 1.39 with Xiggy HDT s1283 and load temps usually get to 60*c but 65*c highest. been running that for a while now, no issues as of late. Bought the Q6600 off Craigslist for $50.00
  4. Ok, 1.45 it is. I've hit 1.4 in BIOS, 1.37 in CPUZ. Thanks for the words, I got the "what if" bug lately, almost to the point of pulling my HSF off again. I think we're good.

    And you gotta love craigslist jonpaul, that's where I snagged mine!
  5. Jack, what did you pay for your Q6600?
  6. 65$ shipped! It was on the West Coast, and I'm East Coastish, so I figure it was a solid deal. I was going to get rid of my 775 stuff, but I couldn't resist.
  7. nice o'c there you go!
  8. Very nice! i got mine from a guy up the street, drove 6 minutes to his house, $50.00 + gas and i was in the same situation, was about to out my LGA-775 but this breathed new life into my rig, especially because of the great overclock i was able to achieve. the Q6600 runs the 5870 no problem as well, no bottleneck that i have seen.
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