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I was wanting to buy a Scythe Mugen 2 CPU Cooler for my system (PII X 4 940 BE). Now I've read that a total of 4 fans can be mounted with this thing, but I was wondering is putting 4 fans at all beneficial or a push-pull config better? Has anyone here run the Mugen 2 with 4 fans? Any help would be really appreciated on this.

TIA :)
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  1. no, but i ran it with 3 fans in my old computer..... I was using zebronics reaper cabinet........
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    I'm using the Mn 2 on my i7 920 and have only the stock fan and have found that to be more than enough even when oc'ing to 4+GHz and running 8 instances on Prime95. Never saw it go above 60C. Using a CoolerMaster HAF 932 case. My i7 idels at 36C.

    If you are into extreme overclocking, then 4 fans with both sets in a push/pull scenario would be ideal. But even with overclocking, two fans in a push/pull and inline with you case air flow would (should) be more than enough.

    The biggest issue I've found with the Mugen 2 is the size. It is a BIG heatsink and, in part, the reason why it works so well.

    IMO, the Mugen 2 is (one of) the best bang/buck air coolers available and the stock fan is more than adequate (with proper case air flow).

    Hope this helps.
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  4. Thanks chunkeymonster for your help!! I guess I'll use it with the stock fan or 2 fans in push-pull. :)
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