Ordering Friday let me know what you think !!!!

Hello all, I finally have the cash to get this built . Let me know if everything looks good .

Case: Antec 900
CPU : E8400 ( for $150 more is a Q9550 worth it? or upgrade to Quad in a yr?)
PSU: Antec 850w
Mobo: Asus P5Q-E
Memory : OZC SLI ready PC2-6400 4GB kit
GPU: EVGA GTX 260 216core ( other thought is 4870 1 gig card)
Hard Drives: Western Digital 320 and 640
CPU cooler: Xigmatek 1283 w/retention bracket
Liteon IHAS -120-08 DVD
Monitor : Samsung TOC 26"

This is mainly a gaming system.

Thanks again
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  1. Nice, only change i would make is to get the 48701gb
    downgrade to a 22" or 24" monitor and get a 4870 x2
  2. Stop now don't buy any of that wait a month and buy Core i7 becuase it will be ten times better, and it will optimise all four cores.
  3. The 750W PCPower and Cooling PSU is on sale for $90 after rebate and it will definitely be enough to run your rig.

  4. Agree with hop about waiting, but not for corei7, wait for holiday deals
  5. Rag - I alrdy bought the Antec PSU about 2 months ago for $159 w $50 rebate so $109

    Hop/Homeboy - Don;t think I can afford i7 maybe next build will go that way and yesI have thought about waiting until holiday sales but current PC is on last leg .

    Coleman - Well was goign with Samsung TOC 24" but the at Fry's the 26" is only $50 more and yes more and more ppl keep saying get the 4879 1gb card . I just have always used Nvidia in the past and never had any issues . ( comfort ) I quess . But once down at the store will probadly try ATI this time .
  6. lots of people have always stuck with nvidia, i guess its just personal preference, but the 4870 1gb will better.
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