Quick question on i7 micro center deal

Micro center has the i7 920 at 229.99, 50-60$ less than everyone else.
Is this a sale they are having or the price they will always have it at?

I understand how they justify the price since it says In store pick up only.
The nearest one is 1 hour away, and if this is the price they will have it at for another month.
I will just pick it up later. Otherwise is ths price difference really worth the 1 hour drive? i mean its only gonna be
like 4-5$ of gas trip.

If its a sale, i guess i will have a road trip next friday
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  1. Generally when Micro center has deals like that its a sale

    Similar to Fry's

    Man i wish i had either near me. Best we had was CompUSA and even when going out of business it was too expensive.
  2. so you think its a sale?

    I mean, it could be the reg. price cuz its only available for pick up, meaning that they don't have crazy people jumpin all over them for shipping.

    And yea, i wish there was a computer part store closer, best thats close is bestbuy -.-

    Microcenter would be great to check out too tho =D
    Do they sell like a ton of parts?
  3. idk wish they had one

    As for the sale, im going from past events. Theyve had cheap Q9550s and 9650s but they werent like that forever. Plus theyve all been in-store pickup only
  4. guess i will make the trip. lol
  5. Just keep in mind u gotta get some nice DDR3 ;)
  6. yea, i already have the entire build set up, but the savings, ftw >.< i was gonna buy it all in a month and just build it but if this deal is not there, i will cry =[
  7. My microcenter is an hour away as well. When I saw this deal I couldn't pass it up. I ordered it asap. If you miss the sale (not saying it will end) but if it does and you didn't buy one...you sure will be kicking yourself. It isn't like $230 i7's are all over the place.
  8. hi
    i get one 230$ from west loop Houston
    this is strange , Intel price list for one thousand processor is 280$

    how come it be cheaper
    may be the revision is old or buggy

    can any body tell way?
  9. I have long long long since built my computer since my last post. lol

    Q9550 OC'd to 3.6ghz
    4gb of 1066 Ram
    Gigabyte Ud3r motherboard
    EVGA Gtx 260
    Corsair 800 Watt power supply

    Powerful computer, runs everything on ultra high, even crysis (but no AA on, but who cares)
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