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Hey, just a quick question. Having some problems with the system fan sockets on my motherboard i was under the impression that they control the speed relative to the temperature in the case, and many people say it vastly reduces noise. But pluggin a fan into sys fan 1 causes it to run at max rpm and one into sys fan 2 makes it run at half rpm. I have a fan controller and can easily use it but was really hoping the motherboard could handle my top and rear exhausts (gigabyte ma785gt-ud3h). Am i missing something? the fans are just regular 3 pin acrtic cooling f12's.
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  1. There is usually a BIOS option to set the fans at either controlled or full speed. Do you have that option?

    If not, then you will have to use either a fan controller or something like Speedfan to control them.
  2. I have a smartfan option in the bios settings for both cpu and system fan and are both enabled. The cpu fan works as it is meant to and the speed changes. Just bugging me as to why the system fans wont, using speedfan it displays rpm's of the fans but it wont seem to change the speed of them.

    It is a normal thing with this motherboard?
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