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I just put my new build together. i7 920, gigabyte ud5 x58, P&C 750w silencer, 4 x 2g g.skill memory, and my gtx 260.

For some reason my card wont power up, I am really hoping that I am just missing something but I have tried everything I can think of. I tried different 6pins (their are 2 sets) i even tried using the 2x4pin to one six splitter to try and get it to work, then i connected and reconnected and nothing. The fan does not spin and the monitor just stays black. Can someone please give me a little advice i really dont want to have to send it back if i am just missing something simple!
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  1. Did you try reseating it in the pci-e slot? What about trying the other pci-e slot? If you try those suggestions and still get no response... it might be dead.

    However, you should try the 260 in another computer to see if it responds, before you write it off. If you try it in another computer and it is still unresponsive, then it's time for an RMA.
  2. core i7 supports *triple* channel memory
    meaning 3x1=3gb 3x2=6gb etc etc

    you bought wrong memory buddy, look for triple memory kits that are designed for core i7.....
  3. we already covered that in his other thread.
  4. of course try reseating the card but are the power connectors to the card on their own rail or are you using a packaged adapter and running it with a bunch of other crap?
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