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My wireless connection has stopped working. The icon shows up, and opening it shows all available networks, but it won't connect to any of them.

I am on a Thinkpad 61p. A recent upgrade of the Thinkvantage Access Connections software may have started the problem -- it would not open and said there was a Runtime C++ error #6034. I uninstalled Access Connections and had windows take control of the wireless, but then the wireless would not work at all.

I have tried re-installing the wireless driver with no change. Indeed, I tried both Lenovo's version and Intel's version with no difference.

Can anyone help with this? I can't live without wireless!!
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  1. disable the adapter in the Device manger, and then uninstall all the think vantage and intel stuff.

    Reenable the adapter, and then reinstall only the chipset driver (INF). This should start the process for windows to take over the wireless config again.

    Also, make sure the radio is actually on, its the little slider on the front of the laptop. I have the same laptop, I love it.
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