Software to test the pc's internal temps? Where do i get it?

Not sure where to place this question...maybe it belongs in home's sort of overclocking connected, although I'm not planning on overclocking least not just yet.

I've just built my new pc..
i7 930
gigabyte X58A UD3R
CM 690 II advanced
WD black caviar
NOctua NH12 SE2

ANd I've had extremely bad technical support from gigabyte (that's for another thread...and post..), which is why I've not sent this request to them.

On the two earlier computers I've built (admittedly years ago), both the ASUS mobo and MSI mobo's came with software that monitored CPU temps and fan speeds and warned me of overheating.

I was expecting this new Gigabyte mobo to come equipped with the same, but it doesn't seem to. (Yes, I've installed the technical programmes that came on the disk with the mobo and there was nothing helpful there - and due a series of exchnages I've had with giga's technical support concerning the mobo bios and compatibility with an i7 930, where it becmae clear that they don't know their asses from their elbows - I'm not asking them for help)

I've seen on a lot of forums about overclocking jpeg photos of screens with windows showing temp values on the GPUs and CPUs and fan speeds. Where can I get some of this software? Is it part of WIN 7 or do I need to download it from someplace?

Thanks, in advance.
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  1. U Can get CPU temperature monitoring software for i7 Intel.................. Here-

    No hard feelings but Intel s_cks........
  2. A good application would be HWMonitor, it shows temperature, voltages and RMPs of fans, also, it is a simple .exe file not requiring installation.
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