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I just purchased a biostar motherboard and i can't figure out how to hook up the power for the power on button on my case. The connecter from the case does not match up to the one on the mother board. Do i need to re pin it or buy a different connecter?
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  1. Did you check the Biostar owners manual? The owners manual should have a diagram of typical connections. Connections are pretty much standardized so I'm wondering about your comment that the connector from the case not matching up to the connector on the motherboard. What is different about it?
  2. Chris, do you mean the power switch, or the power LED?

    Every case power switch that I have ever seen comes with a 2 pin header socket (matches mobo). Some of the older cases do use a 3 pin socket with the middle pin blank for the power LED (may not match mobo).
  3. I have no idea what your talking about. the plug coming from the front of the case there are 2. One is really skinny with about 4 or 5 wires and the other one i believe is coming from the usb with 3 or 4 wires. If needed i can take a picture of it later today. Am i just missing something simple here?
  4. Yes, you are missing something simple. The 4 or 5 skinny wires as you call them are a bundle of wires for various items which include a power switch and probably some other items such as a power led, hard drive activity led, or a power reset switch. Maybe even a small pc seaker. The ends of each skinny wire should be encased in a tiny rectangular plastic housing that functions as a connector. The plastic connectors should be marked and match the diagram in your motherboard's owners manual.

    Did you check the owner's manual as I suggested earlier? Biostar manuals usually have a diagram identifying the connections. You also did not answer the question regarding what's different about the wire connectors?
  5. does your biostar came with a pictured/graphic manual? it should really be of good help... for a long time case power button connection to motherboard looks the same...
    you can also show us the might be an audio... or pc speaker cable also.. too many cables coming from the front panel nowadays
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