HD 4850 or HD 5570???

Can't seem to decide on this 2 gpu's. With the 5570 i can save up to $20!

How do the 2 compare in benchmark terms and why the big difference in price?
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  1. 4850 is faster in very single way


    look at gaming benchmarks , 4850 is faster than 9800 by the way.

    5570 is for casual gaming and for real budget gaming, honestly, spend the $20, heck see if you can not get the 5750/5770 for around the same or a little more and ensure future dx11 compliance..

    what PSU do you have btw?
  2. 4850 has better capability but when it comes to games, 5570 is better because it has DirectX11 Support which is a major factor in gaming.................
  3. in my experience you wanna go for the x8xx series cards, they're better for gamming. DX11 is cool but not supported by many games, besides unless you really care about it don't go for it. right now the ati drivers are not as good for the 5000 series cards. nVidia's getting its act together so you might wanna just get a cheaper card like a 4870 for now and wait for q3/q4.
  4. sunny9874704905 said:
    5570 is better because it has DirectX11 Support which is a major factor in gaming.................

    Yeah maybe it will be a factor at all in 4 years or so.
    Look at DX10. Most games are still compatible with DX9 and DX10 came out in 2006. 4 years later and most games still have support for DX9. DX11 was released last year.
  5. i have a 4870 right now and it runs newer games just as fine, i get about 55 fps on bad company 2 but that game just needs a lot of cpu for the filtering and volumetric processing. dirt2 looks about the same, the dx11 stuff exists, yes but it doesnt change your in-game experience as much, and ive seen dx11 cards lag on the menu screens
  6. Sorry guys direct X 11 only really matters for highend cards like the 58xx series. All the other cards are to weak to give good Dx11 performance in any new games so that you will simply have to turn DX 11 OFF!
  7. there's very few Directx 10 games out simply cause it failed to bring anything really "new" to the table compared to directx 9, Dx11 brings better visuals, improved multi threaded support and more... game developers are going to use dx11 very soon cause they want the multi thread increase, dx9 limits them, dx10 is just fail.

    if its only between those to cards get the 4850 as its still good, but if you can stretch your budget to say a 5770<(mainly this one), 5830, 5850<(and this one) or even a 5870, anyone of those as they are better than the 4850 and CAN run games in dx11 mode (remember 5770 only does bad in dx11 mode cause it needs its drivers to mature and because the game developers didnt code the game itself very well for it, remember the first crysis with dx10? yup a fail same with dirt2 and dx11)
  8. Had 4870 but bought 5770 for new build - For future Proofing ( If there is such a thing) I'd go with the 5770

    As others have stated, 4850 may be faster for games Probably not a great amount (4870 would be better); But, if you only play the lower end game then the 5770 would be the better choice as power consumption is way lower, which also improves case temps. As to DX 10, it will probably be short lived - as vista joins ME in the hall of fame (Flamed). No vista is not that bad, but will have a short life span. For games that have not optimized for DX 10 they will probably abandon DX 10 and jump to DX 11.

    Have Both the 4870 and a 5770, But I'm not into games, But If I was and had a MB that supported Xfire I would opt for the 5770 ( single) and later Pick up a 2nd card (Hoping, I know they will) drop in price. They will improve the drivers.

    Have both computers (E6400 @ 3.2 and a i5-750) connected to a Samsung 27" monitor/HDTV (P2770HD). The E6400 (w/4870) is connected to the DVI input and the i5-750 (W/5770) is connected to the HDMI.

    The 4870 (DVI) looks better than the 5770 (HDMI) - But I think that is how the P2770 manages the Imput. I plan on swapping inputs to verify.
    Also have cable connected to Pannasonic Blu-ray player/DVD writer to composite input and OTA antenna connect to it.
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