low profile video card for a gamer on a budget

Ok I've looked where I can to find the ideal card for my budget, I got about 80 bucks and I want a low profile PCI-E card with and HDMI port on board. The closest thing I've found is this


the thing is I can't find reviews or anything on it so I don't know if its any good. I really need the help guys any suggestions?
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  1. why don't you seek a ati hd4670? same price, better card!
  2. A 9400GT isn't really much for gaming.
    About the only thing I found is this 9600GT:

    The only problem is, it is $120, unless you're lucky enough to get the rebate, which would lower it to $95. You will also need to buy a separate HDMI adapter.
  3. crud >_< I wanted to avoid the whole hdmi adapter
  4. where can I find that ati hd4670 at the same price and does it have onboard hdmi?
  5. I did not find a low-profile version of the HD4670. Vochtige may have missed that requirement in your post.
  6. oh low profile? aah, damn sorry!
  7. its cool thanks for the help, this is what I get for going for a slimmer case for added room T_T
  8. :p i was considering a slim case myself, but actually there are a few gaming cards (rare named brands) that produce the low profile ones.

    maybe you can try to pull out the side panel and saw some iron of the regular profiles :p

    good luck with your slim case
  9. hmm I might just do that if no other alternatives arise...I have the tools I have the will and knowledge
  10. i believe in you!
  11. actually I found a few guys that helped out and found a low profile Video card that suited my needs. I aslo learned of the exsistance of hdmi to DVI , so I'm gonna have to put the hatchet and flamethrower away.
  12. :D

    give us a link to it! i'm curious too
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