Which processor would suit me best?

I plan to use my pc mainly for MSN, music, websearching and the occasional game.

I have the choice of either:

Intel pentium D 5.6Ghz dual core (2.8 each)
Intel pentium dual core E2200
Intel pentium dual core E5200

I cant really afford to go to a core 2 duo and am hoping that my requirements dont really need one...correct?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. THE E5200 is a great low budget chip...I don't know what your budget is, but for $120 the e7400 is also great. Of the 3 you listed the e5200 is the best
  2. Since you don't appear to be a hardcore gamer or extreme overclocker you don't need the latest and greatest processor or expensive motherboard and ram. On the other hand you did mention occasional gaming so a dual core processor would be a good choice. It also sounds like you're on a budget. Check prices at newegg.com and pricegrabber.com. If you have the time check periodically over a one month period. The vendors often have specials. Sometimes the bargain basement prices are only good for a couple of days. I've even seen one day only bargains. You may luck out.

    You're best bet if it's within your budget would be the E5200.

    This forum has a very large group of hardcore gamers who are into serious overclocking. A lot of the articles and reviews are for gamers. What I am about to say is totally different. If it weren't for the occasional gaming you mentioned, then an old Intel Pentium III 600Mhz cpu would meet your needs which are minimal.
  3. E2220 or E5200
  4. e5200 easy! its 73$ free shipping best bang 4 buck great ocer
  5. I agree with antmiu2. You could use any of those three for what you mentioned, but the E5200 is much better than the rest. And for $73, it's the best choice by far.
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