Super noob question: striker II extreme and memory!


I currently have a striker II extreme running 4GB of 1333ddr3 ram (corsair xms3).

My board is listed as supporting 2000(OC) 1800(OC) 1600(OC) 1333 and 800.

Say I do put 2000mhz ram in there, and that my current fsb is at 1833, does it mean that my effective fsb will be 1833??? Should this work properly? Would 1800 or 1600 ram be more advisable?

Is it possible that my current 1333 is holding me back from full cpu OC potential? or are the 2 pretty much unrelated (im running them unlinked)??

Thanks for your help folks, get back 2 me quiiick! :D
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  1. try to run it linked and overclock a bit a the time until u reach ur machine's limit. Putting 2000Mhz ram on that board might work well but keep in mind that the board is running 2000Mhz when its overclocked only so make sure ur CPU can handle it and you have a good cooling system or you can try to overclock the ram first to see are far u can go.

    im getting a striker II NSE soon with same ram DDR3 1333Mhz and i plan to overclock this baby big time but i would only be able to reach 1666Mhz with that one instead of 2000Mhz like the Extreme edition but hey, its good enough for me ;)
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