Xigmatel 89.45 CFM Fan


Just purchased a Dark Knight. Comes with an 89.45 CFM fan (highest CFM Xigmatek have ever released)

Do you know where I can purchase a second one of these high flow fans?

Can only find 61 - 63.5 CFM fans from Xigmatek


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  1. Here's a list for you: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2010090573+1372726538+1373026503&QksAutoSuggestion=&ShowDeactivatedMark=False&Configurator=&Subcategory=573&description=&Ntk=&CFG=&SpeTabStoreType=&srchInDesc=
    There are a few on there that are PWM if you need that. Check dimensions; they are all 120mm, but some are 38mm wide instead of the more usual 25mm. Some of the howlers toward the bottom of the list also require considerably more amperage than usual for PC case/FSH fans, and there's at least one on there that needs 48V.
  2. Sorry please excuse my ignorance. What is PWM?

    How do connect more than one fan to the MOBO.

    I have a case fan and then this CPU fan....what if I want to connect more...i.e. second CPU cooler to get Push/Pull heatsink cooling.


  3. PWM = Pulse Width Modulation. It is how the fan speed on most CPU coolers is controlled by the motherboard. PWM fan headers will have four pins instead of just three.
    To connect additional fans if the mobo does not have additional fan headers, usually you would connect them to a molex connector from the PSU using an adapter. Some PWM fans can "daisy-chain."
  4. Hi,

    Connected it to the PSU with a molex connecter.

    So...there are several fans that require differenct amounts of power (but all run 12 volt).....so will they draw the correct amount of power required from the PSU. How is this regulated??????

    I have a 500W PSU and want to crossfire 2 ATI cards. For this i would need a 600W PSU. If i tried it on a 500W what would happen....would the system fail to boot as not enough power?


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