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I have a new system which I felt needed a better power supply so I swapped out my generic 500w without the sound issue for a Hiper 720w power supply, the only problem with this is that whenever I play games which use alot of graphics and cpu I get a noise that sounds like the hard drive but is being omitted from the psu. I then replaced that 720w with and 650w which did the same, if I have the game minmised the sound disappears as soon as it maxmised the sound returns.

Any help will be appreaticated unless you tell me to get another psu and no I don't have the 500w psu anymore.
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  1. You've determined that the PSU is the issue, but you don't want to get another one. Then you'll have to determine what component causes the noise and replace it by a better one or totally redesign the circuit to get rid of the noise when the PSU load is high.
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