Overclock atom N450

Hi guys,

Anybody had any luck with this. What is the multiplier on this chip...

Is there a process yet? benchmark? stable Ghz achieved without burning out the board


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  1. dont oc laptops/netbooks
  2. i found out the chip has x10 multiplier. alot of people been overclocking to 2.05 GHz with stock cooler.

    And overclocking the inbuilt intel x gpu from 166Mhz to 400Mhz giving HD performance and 20% increase in overall graphics performance

    Would upgrade cooling anyway...

    any other input?
  3. be my guest.
    for clarification:is the cpu in a netbook?
  4. yes CPU is in an MSI wind u135
  5. oh well do what u want, but the cooling systems in laptops are already marginal at stock speeds. the thing with ocing a laptop is that even if the cpu can take it, the extra heat isnt good for the rest of the components that are sandwiched in there
  6. oh yeah and not to mention a drastic decrease in battery
  7. this is true. and its a new n450 pinetrail so gone down from 3 to 2 chipsets (graphics now integrated). I was going to find an ultra low profile fan.

    they underclock the atom at production to increase battery life. it can take the OC but then, like you said, the power drops.
  8. i didnt know they underclock it to begin with!!!
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