Help lotsa help building a ALL IN ONE pc.

I am planning to build a system that will cater to all my needs and have spent some time researching on it. However I still cant decide what is best for me, so any advice or help would be appreaciated.

Im a trading/poker player and a heavy multitasker. As such, i need to build a system that can accomodate at least 6 monitors with the possibility of upgrading the number of monitors to possibly 8-12 in future. I also want it to be an entertainment centre as i will hook it up to my TV.Price is not a concern for me, but then again, i would like to spend the minimum to meet my needs. Here are the questions i have in mind at the moment. Any further inputs welcome.

1. Should I get a mid or full size chassis? I prefer the mid. But have no problems with full. Which one should i get?

2. What mobo should i get? keeping in mind i will like to have multiple monitors and entertainment features, i need a motherboard that can support it all. Recommendations or advice?

3. As far as the CPU goes, is E8600 duo core 2 a possible candidate? i dont mind buying a quad core too. Im considering the quad q9550 actually.

4. Should i install the 64 bit verion OS for my need? i read in the forums that many softwares are still not supported by the 64 bit OS. But what i was thinking is this: If i install the 64bit OS, i would be able to upgrade RAM to 8Gb, that would help me since i want to run so many things simultaneously. Advice?

5. It the load on the system is too heavy, should i buy 2 seperate systems? 1 for entertainment and the other for trading/poker. I was acutally thinking of buying a Home Theatre PC(HTPC) and a seperate system for work. Any thoughts?

6. What and how many video cards should i get to support all the monitors? I m planning on buying a 27" samsung monitor as my main workspace and 6 19-22" monitors on both sides.(3 stacked vertically on pole on the left and 3 on right).

7. I am not an serious overclocker or gamer but i want my system to be able to handle these tasks as i play games occasionally and after reading many PC forums, i would like also to tweak my system a little as it sounds fun.

8.On the hard drives, I read that some people run their OS or applications on a faster 10000rpm or higher drive and use the slower 7200rpm for storage. Is that a good configuration and is so, what should i get and how do i configure it. I like it to be in raid 0. So i should get 2 7200s and 1 10000?

Thank all for comments and advice.
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  1. well i cant help you too much, but i think you will be just fine sticking with a mid-size case. something along these lines should work:
    that last one needs more fans.

    also, as money is not too big of an issue i would suggest going with the Q9550 processor.
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