Looking for CPU upgrade: Need help!


Right now I have a Gigabyte M61P-S3 AM2 Motherboard ( Manufacturer's Website )

-x2 4800+ CPU
-3870 512MB

I don't want to dish out the money for an update across the board on all components right now, so looking at my system I think the processor would be the best thing to upgrade.

I'm looking for better performance in games and multi tasking. In the CPU Support list on the manufacturer's webpage, however, it shows AM2+ x4 9650 support with an upgraded bios. It doesn't list any support above the x4 9650 in the list.

Does that mean I can only get a 9650? Or can I get a 9950?.

With more research I guess it only supports 95W CPUs, because I see everything above the 9650 is 125W, so I guess that makes sense. I guess I'll go with the 9650 upgrade. I wonder how much of a performance gain I'll see.
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  1. For gaming get HD 4850/4870 and overclock CPU . If You definatly want to upgrade look at 6000+ and 6400+
  2. For what the 9650 costs, I wouldn't upgrade. It only runs at 2300 hertz, versus 2400 for your 4800. You won't notice much difference with gaming.
  3. I just asked a similer question about upgrading my friends 4800+. Turns out that it's not really worth it for any quad core upgrade on the AM2 motherboards. Try to get a 3.1Ghz 6000+ or 6400+. It seems worth it to me to go up 600-700Mhz for ~$75, but it's up to you. You may even be able to find a cheap used one with all these people going to the Phenom II's.
  4. Ok. I will either go for a 6400 or Hold off altogether until it's time for a new system.

    Thanks for the input!
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