Computers cant read my hard drive

HI, my name's victoria.
I was moving a movie file from my friends hard disk to mine.. and suddenly everything lagged and my computer froze. so i plugged both our hard disk out.. and from then my computer unfroze(?) and worked perfectly fine.. Except it wasnt able to read my hard drive again. Until now i cant get it to read it..
I hear something in the hard disk spinning and the light of my hard drive is on.. the only problem is that my computer cant read it... :( please help me..
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  1. Have you tried rebooting the computer? Drives that have problems are often locked out, and a reboot sometimes clears this.
  2. The disk may have become corrupted have you run disk check (scan disk)? If this fails to fix it you may need to reformat the disk which will unfortunately cause you to lose all of your data on it.
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