Maximum 72 c in 100 % load in real temp

maximum 72 c in 100 % load in real temp is it too much.
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  1. Depends on the chip, some run hotter than others, but yes that seems too hot for a CPU. Did you overclock? If you did, try lowering the voltage to lower your temps, and also check the temperature with SpeedFan, or CPU-Z Hardware Monitor. Are you using a stock cooler/heatsink that came with your CPU? Also, if you overclocked, check to see if your motherboard is capable of handling overclocks well in reviews.
  2. You are talking about a LGA1156 i5/i7 if I am not mistaken.

    It should be fine as long as you are within 72.7C, but of course you would like to make them as low as possible.
  3. I'm not using an extra fan.i have only one fan with the processor thats it.Hey in real temp it shows maximum 69 - 72.
  4. Hey miccs yes i overclocked but i did not change the voltages but i change only the core clock which was in 266 to 330.Is my overclock al right if prime 95 and OCCT run without any problem
  5. Let P95 run for 12 -24 hours to see if it is completely stable.
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