Any Recommendations and/or Tips for a "multi-use" web file server?

I am new to the server world so I am having issues picking software that would suit my needs. I would like to create a File Server that can be accessed over the web hopefully with out the need for client software and use a browser instead. I would also like it to be able to use .nzb files in conjunction with nntp. Lastly I was hoping to be able to stream media from the server as an alternative to downloading it to the computer I was accessing the server with.

The entire purpose of this is to allow my long distance relatives access and upload family pictures/video and what not so the rest of the family can access them. Some are not computer inclined, so being able to set user limits (modifying, deleting, etc.) would be important, as would server security.

As if the above were not enough I had planned on remotely managing the entire setup.

I have looked at Ubuntu Server edition, Apache and the like, but have been unable to locate any tutorials or tips on what would allow me to accomplish all of the above.

I would love to hear all of your suggestions, tips, or any help you can give to me.
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  1. Well, it sounds like you are actually a microsoft representitive... selling the Windows Home Server Operatng System. I think this is exactly what you are looking for and is very user friendly.

    Check it out:
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