Hard drive not detected during Windows 7 install

Hey guys

I am having a issue where I try to install Windows 7 and during the section where you are suppose to choose what disk you want install it on I get no hard drives listed.

I have tried all three options in the BIOS. RAID, IDE and AHCI and none seem to be working.
Also the BIOS can only detect the HDD when it is set to IDE.

According to the motherboard manual I am suppose to load drivers from the CD that came with it, but none of the drivers work.
I am at a loss on what to do, so I was hoping any of you would know what to do?

I should also mention that this is a clean drive. Absolutely never been used before.
And that I attached the SETA cable to the SETA 1 port.
So it reads as this in the BIOS:

IDE Channel 0 Master [None]
IDE Channel 0 Slave [Optiarc DVD RW AD52]
IDE Channel 1 Master [Samsung HD103SJ]
IDE Channel 1 Slave [None]

I don't see what difference that would make, but I felt I should add it.

Also would the problem be solved if the hard disk was formatted?
And if so, can you do that from the BIOS?

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  1. Down-load and run Samsung's drive test and configuration tool (or get a copy of Ultimate Boot CD), see what that says; if that doesn't fix/identify the problem post back with a machine spec (Some MoBo's have problems with Samsung drives).
  2. Thanks for the reply MrLinux.

    Luckily the issue got resolved by running diskpart and rebooting.
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