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I've been running freenas with four 2TB disks with an arc-1220 controller. With the disks almost full, I've added 4 more identical 2TB disks and successfully migrated and expanded them on the arc-1220 menu. However, upon booting the system, FreeNAS shows me contradicting information. Under the Disks|Management tab it shows me a RAID volume of 13351440MB but the system information shows me the old capacity of 5.3TB, used 4.9TB with 12GB left. Is there a way to get FreeNAS to recognize the new capacity without destroying/losing data? I'd appreciate a detailed response since I'm still not very familiar with freenas. Honestly, I don't even remember exactly how I set it up in the first place but I could afford to mess with the settings since the disks were empty back then. I'm using FreeNAS version 0.7.1 revision 4982

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  1. All you should need would be growfs. Could you give me terminal output of:

    ls -l /dev/da*
    fdisk /dev/da0
    diskinfo -v /dev/da0
    diskinfo -v /dev/da0s1

    If you have a partition on the Areca hardware RAID array; that means you need to expand the partition as well. FreeNAS uses a more complicated labeling than i recommend. Different versions of FreeNAS also have different ways of doing it; making this more complicated.

    The output of above commands should give me a fair clue however. You would need to log into SSH in order to get the required output.
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