I did my 550BE X2 cpu X4 but need help in some thing

hello guys
i have
CPU : AMD phenom X2 II 550 BE
Mobo :GA-MA785GT-UD3H
bios Ver F3
RAM 4GB KS bus 1333

i heard about make ur X2 pro to X4
and i followed the steps

1-enter Bios
2-MB intelligent Tweaker
3-Advanced clock celbration
4- EC Firmware selection {hypird}
5-Advanced clock calibion {AUTO}

all that is good
but i notice some thing

some one said to me that i need to increase the Volt to processor
to be good with the cores and run them good

and i dont wanna make overclock to not destroy my CPU
so plz i need help in that
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  1. First, Congratulations on your two free cores.

    Now, the need for voltage increase is case by case basis. You can keep the CPU Voltage at Auto if you are still at the stock clockspeed. You can test stability of your new X4 by running SuperPi or intelburn test as these are the quickest way although admittedly not the most reliable indicators. For superpi, run for up to 32M and you can get result in around 20minutes at your clock speed. For Intelburn test, run 10 runs of standard test or if you want more stability do the test on High.

    If you pass these tests, then it means your X4 is stable for not very stressful situation ( like playing games ). You need to increase the CPU voltage only if you fail in these test. It will not harm your processor to have CPU voltage up to 1.425v as this is well within AMD recommended max CPUvoltage.


    Although there are overclockers that operates their CPUs up to 1.50v and do stress testing up to 1.55v.
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