Anything about ZDrive R2 p88 ?

Guys I was surfing the net all the day trying to find a review, a SMALL SINGLE review about the OCZ Z-Drive R2 p88 but no, nothing.

I need help from someone who know at lest these info about this ssd , what it require from motherbord , dose it have problems , If I can install windows 7 on it [cuz its R2 maybe] and how much watt it need.

I need this ssd for gaming is it the best chose I have?{I don't care about the price} here is the link:

thanks ;)
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  1. Have you checked computer hardware retail sites like
  2. ya I checked every hardware site I know but I can't find anyone who tryed it and I can't find a review for this ssd If anyone know any review for this ssd I would be grateful
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