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I need to upgrade my mobo and CPU due to i am maxed out at 2g ram with an x2 4200+ athalon. I waould like to know value to cost for CPU and Mobo. Cost is a factor, but I would perfer a min of 8G ram with 16G being perferable and do not want to be outdated already. I play wow and like run 1 or 2 IE's and maybe Outlook Express at the same time. Right now i can't really do that w/o lag and lock up issues. Thanks for the help.


p.s. I would like to thank everyone who helped me with my new video card. I ended up getting a GeForce 9800 GT. My only proble now is that I want to put a line(HDMI) to my tv, but do not know if the audio will ocme wioth the video signal through the DVI port.
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  1. 8/16 gig of ram what are you running a server for 20 workstations ?

    Seriousley though 4 gig of ram is considered more than plenty most PC tasks.

    I recomend a Intel Core 2 Duo, E8500 or a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 cpu with a Asus Asus P5Q, iP45 mobo.
  2. low cost cpu and mobo is amd - they are given them away. you can get a 6000 and mobo for $100

    16GB of ram is dumb

    8GB or 6GB is fine for the next 5 years, unless you have 4 video cards and 10 hard drives and 8 monitors

    hdmi sound can be a pain - load the drives configure it in sound and pray!
  3. Yep I agree 4gb is enough for a PC..
    Just popped in a Quad e.g. Q9550 or Q9650
    A P45 Asus Motherboard.

    For the HDMI thingy you could have choose a 4800 series card whcih have a sound chip interegrated in it...
  4. Thanks for the help guys..i was just looking to get something that won't be outdated immediately like the one I got now...
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