one little stupid problem!

hi guys :D

i bought a Gigabyte x48-DQ6 mobo lately, and everything is working great except one thing: i have no sound :heink:

my speakers work properly and i have installed the on board sound card driver 2 times (but nothing changed).

what else should i do?! :cry:

and another thing is, in the ATI catalyst control center, my graphics card is mentioned as " ATI HD 4000 series " , is that normal?? i think, logically, it should be more specific. my card is hd 4870 ...(i just want to know if it is normal)

thank u :)
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  1. its realtek am sure
    go her
    and download the driver plus
    ATI HDMI Audio Device
    and every thing should be fine
  2. Check your sound properties and make sure its using the mobo sound and not HDMI sound on the 4870.
  3. Sometimes the ATI driver will change the sound source in the Control Panel.
    Change it back to Realtek.
  4. Check device manager for question marks.
    Make sure onboard sound is enabled in the bios.
  5. thanks for ur replies :)

    i tried everything that u said. nothing changed, still no sound :(

    what should i do??? :heink: :cry:
  6. These are 2 nice sound cards:

    X-Fi Prelude and Xonar D2X
  7. Do you have the front panel audio connector from the case hooked up to the motherboard?
    If so disconnect it, and try again.
  8. thanks again for ur prompt replies.

    i disconnected it and tried again, no change ! :(

    anything else???
  9. please, someone help me ! :(
  10. RMA the mobo ASAP,don't fool around with it,you just waste your time and get frustrated all to hell,i got the same problem with my asus mobo onboard sound no go,sound card work fine,THWI..:)
  11. If it's a new board, definitely rma it. Because even if you do put a sound card in, if something is wrong with the board out of the box, then you may be wondering if it will be stable down the line.
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