Replace a Pentium D with an Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 Socket LGA775

I would like to replace an old Pentium D 3.06GHz, FSB 533MHz processor with newer Core 2 Duo E7500 on a ASUS P5V-800MX Motherboard. Since the latter overclocks at 1066MHz instead of the mohterboards rated 800MHz, is this do able? Also can I "turn off" the Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology" since the ASUS does not support it?
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    No Core 2 will work on that board ever get a new system is all you can do If your looking for a new system on a budget get an AMD Phenom II system if you need help with that go to the homebuilt section
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  3. Thank You SAAIELLO. That's what I was afraid of. I will defintely get a capable motherboard and use this one for a "bitch PC" I'm planning to build.

  4. For the record that's not a PD/P4D. Those are all true dual core chips. The 3.06GHz with a 533MHz bus are just normal hyper threaded chips.
  5. Checking the CPU support page it seems the best you can do is a Pentium D 960. So yeah no BIOS support for the chip means no boot. ASRock has a similar board, and they support C2Dous by forcing the VIA chipset to overclock the FSB and memory controller. Since the board can't stably go all the way to 1066 tho it simply stops short around 1050 or so, thus under clocking the chip. So yeah, I guess Asus didn't want to put that half assed support in their board only to have some n00b complain to them about the underclocking.
  6. I figured as much. This PC is only gonna be used as a video/music server and some web surfing. Nothing heavy duty. With the existing Motherboard/Celeron D (3.066GHz) and 2x1GB, 800Mhz memory sticks and a 1TB hard drive, I should be good to go.

    What do you guys think?Thanks for the quick reply.
  7. It should be fine for that so long as you don't run too many background services on it ^_^. Make sure that your BIOS will support a 1TB drive before you put it in there. It's possible that such compatibility was not coded into the initial BIOS so see if there is an update for it or if you are limited to a smaller drive. If you have a BIOS limitation, then you will have to either ad another internal drive or also use an external drive.
  8. can i run nfs shift 2 this is my specs
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