GTX 260 power supply

i have a Thermaltake ninja power 420Watt power supply.

will it be enough for my gtx 260

my configuration:

core2duo E8200
gigabyte ga p35-ds3l motherboard
2gb ram
2 HDD(200gb+80gb)
audigy 2 zs soundcard
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  1. In my opinion no.. The gtx 260 is pretty demanding of power.. And even if u just barely met the power requirements i wouldnt recommend running the risk of not having enough power. Im running a 1000 watt power supply for 2-3 cards as it is..If ur not gunna run sli or anythin and you only want 1 id future proof just a tad and go like 650-750watt psu.. I dont really kno ur cash flow but i kno u can get one for like 150-200$
  2. take the advice of the above mentioned posts. i wouldnt want less than 500 watts for a single 260. i would probably go bigger to feel safer myself but i like to waste money. nice gesture of evongugg to post the resources for you to research yourself.
  3. thnx all for ur advice
    but what if i use only 1 hdd and no DVDrom will it not meet the demand of gtx 260 which is 182watts
    previously i owned a 8800gts which required about 150 watts.
    theres only 32 watts xtra.
    so my point is wiil it not meet demand for the card.
  4. it also requires 36 Amps on the +12v rail
  5. xxcoop42xx can u xplain what u mean by this pls?
    i m going to combine the two ide power cable to one pci-e power cable and then connect it the card.(my psu has only one pci-e power cord).
  6. ok there is a sticker on the side of your psu that will look like this, its the second to last picture,

    and you want to look for +12v and how many there are, the one in the picture has 4 (+12v1 +12v2 +12v3 +12v4) and each have 20Amps. so im not real sure but i believe the +12v rail(s) are on/for the pci-e connectors, that being the case the one in the picture has 40Amps per pci-e connector and theres two pci-e connectors so both have 40Amps which gives you a total of 80Amps. so you would only need one of the pci-e connectors to run a GTX 260-216 (with a y split into 2x pci-e, otherwise just use both pci-e connectors) because it has the power to give 40Amps when the card only needs 36Amps.

    so look at your psu, look for +12v and see how many there are and how many Amps. you may only have 1 or 2 +12v rails but thats ok as long as they have enough Amps.
  7. the +12v rails of mine gives 18A (in ur pic 20A)
    so i think i won't have any problem
    what do u say?
  8. well if you only have 1 +12v rail at 18Amps your halfway there, how many +12v rails do you have? 1 isnt enough if you have 2 you will have enough but by the skin of your teeth because its a 430 watt psu. the recommended watt psu is 500. so check how many +12v rails and post, like i said if you have two at 18A each you should technically be able to run it. also you can call evga or what ever company your GTX 260 is and ask them over the phone.
  9. i mean i m going to combine two +12v rails .
    just to make sure:
    i m going to use 1 pci-e and two 4-pin peripheral supplementary power connectors(the two +12v rails)
    let me know if its right to use cause i m going to buy the card?
  10. as long as you have more than 1 +12v rail at 18Amps. yes the molex adapter will work but only if you have 36Amps, but if you only see +12v1 and 18A thats not enough you should see +12v1 and +12v2 on your psu both with 18A
  11. ok heres a pic of my psu:

    from ur point it doesn't have +12v2 but i've got enough 4-pin peripheral supplementary power connectors.Do u mean all of them are coming from only 18A.

    several nvidia partners life BFG XFX has said u need a 500w psu but they calculated it based on a PC configured with an Intel Core®2 Extreme QX9650 processor.Thats a extreme condition.

    i m not using that kind of pc if u look at my config.
    i've gone through a lot of websites and i saw that the power consumption doesn't go beyond 300-350watt with a high end pc.

    i've given u the pic of my PSU.
    Now tell me will it be ok?
    otherwise i'll have go for a 4870 cause i won't buy a new PSU
  12. i now understand my psu can't run gtx 260(stupid nvidia)

    by combining those 2 +12v won't make it 36A it still gonna be 18A.

    thnx all and my special thanks to xxcoop42xx otherwise my gpu would have been broken.

    i hope 4870 doesn't require 36A on 12V rail?
  13. i think my GTX 260 requires more power too. I have a 600w PSU but it is only 16a per rail. The card takes 2 rails independently which only adds up to 32a :(

    The problem I get is stuttering in FSX at high frames. The frame rate will flicker from 60 to 150 fps in open sky which in turn causes the stuttering which is annoying. I have a spare 12v rail so will combine one of the connectors to see if it improves things, otherwise it os off to the shop for a Corsair PSU

  14. Get yourself a 5770. It performs equal to the GTX260, costs $20 less, runs cooler, supports dx11, has eyefinity, and uses less electricity so your PSU can run it. (5770 uses 50 watts less than the GTX260, and only requires 1 PCIe connector)
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