Best HSF for Phenom II x4 940

i am planning to buy a new HSF this weekend. Please suggest the best cooler among the listed. I need it for only mild overclocking. (upto 3.2 to 3.4).

-Xigmatek hdt sd964
-coolermaster hyper tx3
-coolermaster gemini II S

any other suggestion are welcome.

P.S: i don't want coolers with more than 145mm in height as my case is small. It can only accommodate coolers with a height of less than 145mm.
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  1. this has the best "short cpus heatsinks" i would go with the maxorb mainly cause i have owned one and they do great work. but just look at anything in the amd section and you should find something good. btw have fun with the ocing.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What is your budget for the cooler?
  3. well, i want it to be less than 40$.
  4. ^Well, in that case, the best option for you the CM Hyper 212+

    Total: $ 34.99 + 7.56 shipping = $ 42.55
  5. yeah i would have bought it but it's gotta height of 158mm and therefore won't fit in my case. i want cooler with height less than 145mm.
  6. Ok, What about the CM GeminII S? same price that the CM Hyper 212+
  7. yeah i have considered u think it's better than xigmatek sd964 or hyper tx3???
  8. ^Yeah, if you see the specifications, the GeminII S have more airflow. 69.69 against 54.99 of the tx3
  9. what about sd964 ????
  10. ^Well, have the same airflow that the tx3, and don't support the new sockets like the AM3 or 1366, so, this isn't a good option.
  11. ok then...will buy gemini II s, then very much for ur help
  12. Any time, that's why we are here.
  13. @ saint19

    which is better gemini II s or ultima 90...i forgot this option to mention
  14. ^That ultima 90 looks good, but the default package is for AM2/775, so, you need buy a mounting kit for use this with your AM3 socket and processor.
  15. The 940 is a am2+ chip btw
  16. Ohh...yeah, I forget that, my 955 is AM3 :). But maybe for a future upgrade.
  17. saint19 said:
    Ohh...yeah, I forget that, my 955 is AM3 :). But maybe for a future upgrade.

    My AM3 chips (710 & 965) have both used AM2 designated HSFs, on an AM2+/AM3 motherboard (DDR2, AM3 exclusive motherboards are DDR3). As far as I knew, when it comes to HSF, AM2 covers the formfactor up to AM3, including am2+.
  18. ^Yeah I know that, but the problem here is that the 940 is socket AM2+, that means that the mobo is socket AM2+ too, so, for a future upgrade to an AM3 mobo, he will need buy a mounting kit.
  19. Gotcha, hah. I spoke before I thought~
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