Hot CPU, Need new cooler

So I built my new PC about a month ago. I've had a couple problems but none that were that hard to fix. Now I have bad temps, idling anywhere from 40-50 degrees Celsius and sitting at around 60 while playing WoW. I was getting about 10 degrees cooler a couple weeks ago with nothing changed. So I opened my case and blew out what little dust and made sure that the heat sink was tight, turned on my PC to no change in temps.

I use the stock heat sink that came with my E8400, I know that these are terrible so I guess a upgrade is in order. I only looked after I noticed my FPS jumping from 40-75 while looking straight at the ground, so I look and notice the added 10 degrees that my CPU seems to be putting out.

I'm just looking for the best bang for your buck, spent most of my extra money building the actual PC. Also going to need Thermal Paste, don't know if any is included. Please, none that are a complete pain to install.

Its a Asus P5Q Pro Mobo
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  1. The stock cooler actually is pretty good and your temps are fine, i.e., 60°C at full load is well below the maximum and the CPU isn't throttling. A cooler CPU most likely won't improve your FPS. If you want to overclock, then a better cooler is justified.
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