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How do I get my computer to recognize the second hard drive under my computer? The drive is new and is recognized in the system setup, and device manager.. When you click on it under device manager nothing happens.. I just installed windows 7 on the 320 gig drive that came with the computer before installing the new terabyte drive.
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  1. You could've been more specific with your query.. Do you mean the drive is not getting detected in bios/post itself or its just not appearing at the desktop..??
  2. Is this a new drive? If so, in XP:
    start->settings->control panel->performance & maintanence->administrative tools->computer management->storage->disk management (local)
    Once you are here you will see all of the drives represented by horizontal bars; the new one will not have a partition on it. Right click it and select format. This should bring up a wizard which will allow you to create a partition and format it.
  3. I did what you said and disk management doesn't recognize the new drive.
  4. Sorry, I didn't read the first post very carefully. Can you get a format menu anywhere? I'm not that familiar with windows 7.
  5. In windows 7 open the startup menu and search for diskmgmt.msc click on it and wait for it to open.
    Does the new drive appear there?
    If so do what elel said, Right click it and select format.
  6. Within Disk Management, you must look at the right place. Look only in the LOWER RIGHT pane. Recognize that this pane (and the one above) scrolls so you can see all its contents. Can you still not see it there?
  7. Thanks for the info. . I found it where you said it would be. I didn't realize that the small window scrolled and that was the last place I looked. I now have it up and running. Thanks again for the quick info.. Stardragon
  8. Fixed , Thanks again :pt1cable:
  9. Welcome to the club of many who have found the archaic ways of Windows puzzling! Glad you got it working.
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