512MB HD4870 3D Mark Vantage Score

Hi all,

I score 8935P in total with Vantage and 8505 gpu points. 13531 in 3D Mark 06.

It seems to be a low score to me especially in Vantage. I thought 4870 would pass 10k.

What do u think ? Is there any other 4870 users out there and what are your scores ?

My system specs are ;

Core2Q Q9400@2.6Ghz
Asus P5E3 motherboard
2x1gb Kingston DDR3 1333Mhz
Sapphire HD4870 512MB
Thermaltake 650W Qfan Toughpower PSU
Thermaltake Tsunami Black Case
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  1. You will have to OC your CPU to gain a higher score
    if you oced to 3.0/3.2 ghz atleast, you would see a nice bump in points
  2. I did oc it to 3.4Ghz and tried before. 9959P Vantage. 16181 3D Mark 06 with oc'd cpu and 4870 at 800/4400. Couldn't still beat the 10k.

    Maybe I have to add 2 more gb's of ram to the system to get 4gb in total but I really wonder if 4gb instead of 2gb would make any difference.
  3. yes adding another 2 gigs would help your score. My pc scores around 19150P.
    How are your games running?
  4. they are running great except crysis. Its fine with dx9 everything maxed out but dx10 everything at very high its not so good at 1600x1200

    19150P is a Vantage score ? Wow thats really good.
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