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Does any one have a list which shows which cards are replaced by which cards. E.g. 8800Ultra by ____

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  1. Yeah, tom's video card monthly guide is best.

    Also, to the guy above me,

    are you Strange Stranger or Strangest Ranger

    or Strangestr anger.
  2. from waht I remember:

    8800 Ultra/GTX ----> 9800 GTX -----> 9800 GX2 ------> 280 GTX

    8800 GTS 320/640 -----> 8800 GTS 512 ------> 260 GTX

    As for the rest, I mean, their naming styles are soo different, I beleive the 8600 GTS was replaced by the 9500 GT.

    The 8800 GT was a series on it's own, which was replaced by the 9800 GT ( same sh!)

    8800 GSO replaced by the 9600 GSO

    The 9600 GT I think just replaced the 8800 GTS 320 for the same power, but alot less of a price, these are just my estimates.

    Remember just because they were replaced doesn't mean they are always better, I mean the 9800 GTX beats the 8800 ultra in somecases, and loses at higher resolutions and more AA from what I read.
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