PFN_LIST_CORRUPT bsod Randomly.

I need someone who can help with minidump stuff and BSOD problems desperately!!! Info below (LONG)

New build:
xfx 630i/7100 mobo (happened also with another vid card installed so I took it out)
q6700 (oc to 3.0ghz, memory unlinked and running at stock) --problem still occurs when proc. at stock
4g (2gb x2) single channel corsair 800mhz (timings are 5,5,5,18 --stock)
1.5tb Seagate sata (a tech told me it might be this, but I replaced it with another w/ new windows install and same errors happen)
Power supply 550w

Ambient temps are 27c and under load no higher than 46c

I have run memtest for hours for 3 nights (not straight) with both sticks, stick one only, stick two only, NO ERRORS AT ALL.

I have run checkdisk and it found nothing either, I even repaired windows (it was a brand new install anyway so that did nothing, lol)

It seems random, sometimes it happens when reading email while multitasking (music or browsing, etc), while only on the internet, while i'm playing World of Warcraft. It's driving me insane!

PFN_LIST_CORRUPT 0x04e error

All drivers are current and up to date including DX9.0c installed.
I am highly doubting it is my ram modules but the only threads I have found on google talk about ram errors and replacing them when memtest gives errors. I don't have any errors.

Detailed minidump analysis:

1.) for the process, it is always different, sometimes wow.exe, sometimes firefox.exe, etc
2.) for the BUGCHECK_STR: 0x4E_7 sometimes it says BUGCHECK_STR: 0x4E_99 too.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 4E, {7, 3d9f3, 20832, 0}

Probably caused by : memory_corruption ( nt!MiDeferredUnlockPages+17c )

Followup: MachineOwner

0: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Typically caused by drivers passing bad memory descriptor lists (ie: calling
MmUnlockPages twice with the same list, etc). If a kernel debugger is
available get the stack trace.
Arg1: 00000007, A driver has unlocked a page more times than it locked it
Arg2: 0003d9f3, page frame number
Arg3: 00020832, current share count
Arg4: 00000000, 0

Debugging Details:




LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from 80522d13 to 804f9f43

b4f93b54 80522d13 0000004e 00000007 0003d9f3 nt!KeBugCheckEx+0x1b
b4f93b74 8050679e b4f93c20 b4f93c20 00000001 nt!MiDecrementReferenceCount+0x33
b4f93bb8 805096b5 8055c588 22441608 ba7e8df0 nt!MiDeferredUnlockPages+0x17c
b4f93be8 805b3f43 b4f93c00 b4f93d20 000006a0 nt!MmUnlockPages+0x201
b4f93cbc 805b424f 88247a30 01da4750 88247a30 nt!MiDoMappedCopy+0x175
b4f93cec 805b435b 88247ab0 01da4750 88247a30 nt!MmCopyVirtualMemory+0x63
b4f93d48 8054162c ffffffff 01da4750 22440f68 nt!NtReadVirtualMemory+0xd1
b4f93d48 7c90e4f4 ffffffff 01da4750 22440f68 nt!KiFastCallEntry+0xfc
WARNING: Frame IP not in any known module. Following frames may be wrong.
17a7fbd0 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0x7c90e4f4


8050679e 8b55e0 mov edx,dword ptr [ebp-20h]


SYMBOL_NAME: nt!MiDeferredUnlockPages+17c




IMAGE_NAME: memory_corruption

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0x4E_7_nt!MiDeferredUnlockPages+17c

BUCKET_ID: 0x4E_7_nt!MiDeferredUnlockPages+17c

Followup: MachineOwner

Please tell me it's not my motherboard or, god forbid, my processor being faulty!!! (I suspect it may be) will they exchange a faulty processor if I've had it slightly over 30 days? I am not familiar with processor company's policies. XFX has said if I determine it is the mobo, I should have no problem getting another one. I just need help and additional troubleshooting to determine the correct cause.
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  1. Hey man I had this Issue... and I hate to say it but the motherboard was bad. I got a new one and my problem was fixed.
  2. Thank you. That was as I suspected. I only hope they are prompt with the re-shipment. Is there anyone else that can confirm this?
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