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I'm starting a new build within the next couple of weeks. I am not overclocking this time around. I like to start with the CPU decision before all else. So, what would you recommend for a fast gaming CPU if I'm not going to overclock. Pick one that is the fastest and one that is a value buy. Thanks.
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  1. the fastest extreme i7 would do it.
    the 965
  2. the fastest speed

    e8600 is a good choice or amd 6000+ or higher
  3. customisbetter said:
    the fastest extreme i7 would do it.
    the 965

    that is not a value cpu! lol! easy to miss that little word

    E8600 is the cpu
  4. E8500 is probably better value wise
    Little less speed but its like $100 less
  5. well for overclocking a dual core the E8500 is my favorite and even for value i would agree if the difference is $100 i think the difference of 3.13 and 3.33 is small

    but i try to answer the question with the best answer and that is the E8600 - not to pricey and it is the fastest

    i would get an auto overclocking mobo - that way you can not overclock it and still have it overclocked.

    not overclocking is a sin! then again, i my biz is selling only oc systems and we have a 100% sucess rate with zero failures
  6. of course the 8600 is the best
    But the difference of .17 GHz, i dont think the OP would really see it.
    I was viewing it more as a performance/$ standpoint

    Hey dragon, mind if i ask u some questions about ur company via PM?? Just a couple short things
  7. sure, but we are tiny winy and do not try it yourself - its way too hard now eveyone is giving stuff away i mean prices on systems has came way way down.

    i get these peeps that want me to match cp and ibp -- cp is tough they put out some nice stuff at low prices.

    i been ask before many times!
  8. Fastest overall:

    i7 965

    Good value:
    Q9550, E8400, i7 920 (depending on your budget)
  9. dragonsprayer said:
    we have a 100% sucess rate with zero failures


    anyways, yeah i missed the value section. my bad.

    cjl wins.
  10. I was thinking more along the lines of the i7 920. I guess when I say I'm not OC, I mean, I will not setup another water cooling system. I fried a couple of 8800 GTX the first time around. I've been on water cooling since but it still makes me nervous. So whatever I can get by on with air, that's what I'm doing.

    How much faster is the 920 over the E8600? I'll like put 3k into this system but why spend 1k on a processor? Thanks.
  11. y bother putting in so much on the computer when in under a year a $1000 computer will beat it? Ur better off spending around $1200-1500 (sweet spot) and saving for upgrades or buy 2 computers :P

    And since when does OC mean H2O cooling?? u can do it on air.
    We also didnt say i7 cause u were talking about for the value we didnt exactly think i7 as budget (Mobo and ram)
    But if u have the money for a good i7, Mobo and DDR3 ram than thats fine
  12. The 920 stock will be a bit (but not much) slower than the E8600 in single threaded apps, and will utterly, completely flatten it in multithreaded stuff. The 920 also easily overclocks to 3.2 GHz or so on the stock cooler, and 3.5-3.8GHz (depending on your luck) on an aftermarket air cooler. With effort and good cooling, 4Ghz isn't completely out of the question, if you have a good chip. Basically, if you have the budget, the 920 is an excellent choice, and $3k is certainly a sufficient budget.
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