E7200 or E5200 big difference?

Still trying to decide on a mobo/os for my home pc, thanks for the help from the forum thus far, from a gaming standpoint running a ati hd 4850 card, is there a big difference between these two setups? I'd like to oc either, looking for the best bang for the buck though...

Option 1:

Intel E7200 duol 2.53
Asus P5Q mobo
4 gig ram @1000

est cost $ 180

Option 2:

Intel E5200 duo 2.5
Ausus P5kPL
4 gig ram @ 800

est cost $ 270

I know the P5Q mobo is alot better, but is it overkill for the E7200, I'm not sure if the 7200 is that much better than the 5200, maybe someone can shed some light on this for me? Option 2 costing 33% more, will it be 33% better?
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  1. I would go with the P45 motherboard, E5200 and go with a different 2x2 GB DDR2 1.8v RAM. The E5200 won't overclock as high as the E7200, but is still a good overclocker. This will leave you a good upgrade path for the future with possible crossfire for your GPU and possible replacement of the CPU later. The only reason i'd go with a G31 is if your budget is really tight.
  2. Depends. Do you want a pentium e or c2d sticker? The 7200 only leads in cache dependant benchmarks
  3. Agreed.

    Dont go G31 unless funds are really tight.
    Consider a P43 which can be had for less than a P45 but is still a decent chipset.

    The E7200 may be about 5% faster and may OC another 5% more but the E5200 is a great chip for the price. If funds are tight, dont think twice about getting the E5200
  4. Well, I ended up ordering the P45 mobo, e5200 cpu, and a artic cooling freezer pro 7, and the4 gigs ram, now I just have to wait for it to arrive!
  5. I hate the waiting ! Good luck
  6. habitat87 said:
    Wow, that's weird, my g31 mobo got my e5200 to 3.9 ghz stable. Only costed me $53 for it too. Plus my sub $10 cooler has it at nice temps. I wouldn't put a lot of money into an e5200 board. As long as it has voltage control and specs up to 1600 fsb you should be fine.

    Just curious, what mobo and cooler are you using?
  7. I went with the P45 mostly because I have a ati 4850 vid card, if I see another one used for sale I'd pick it up and the 45 can crossfire them (granted at 8x only) and would be one less thing to upgrade if I jumped cpu's in the future. Plus after rebates it's now only $99. Same with the cooler, overkill a bit, but safe and should last.

    3.9 is fast, I'll be happy at 3.5, the oc software is new to me, hope that it works well for this, looks pretty sweet
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