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I just bought a Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer to replace my old PS/2 corded Intellimouse. I have a couple of slight problems with it: it seems to be less accurate in games, like a tiny lag effect. Also I can move the mouse tiny distances without the pointer moving at all on-screen, which means sometimes in games my view doesn't track where I'm moving and in Windows it's difficult to pick tiny things. And sometimes a notch on the mouse wheel doesn't register, I have to roll again.

I've tried changing the channels and re-synchronising the signals, etc, but it's still the same. Is this just not a good mouse or can someone suggest something to try?
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  1. yup, those are just some of the problems with wireless mice, not much you can do about it.

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  2. D'oh. How about those Logitech mice, people seem to have good things to say about them, even the wireless ones. Would it be worth buying one of them perhaps?
  3. Sorry ... the optical cordless mouse from Logitech also has the same kind of problems with lag, which is a consequence of having one 800dpi optical sensor and the radio receiver.

    They have a new cordless mouse called the MX700 which is supposed to be better, with a higher refresh rate than a USB 1.1 port. The listed specifications show that it can track at 40 inches per second (and it comes with a recharging station, which beats buying batteries) but it is still only 800dpi. But whether or not the new optical engine has really managed to elimate the lag remains to be seen, and I have not used one personally, so I cannot yet comment on the tracking ability of the device.

    If you want a truly accurate mouse, you are going to have to live with a corded device, for the time being. The Logitech dual-optical and the MS Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 are the two most accurate optical mice, currently. I think the Logitech mouse is just a little better for gaming, while the Intellimouse is good for everything else.


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  4. I had the logitech cordless mouse and to limit the lag use it on a white sheet of paper. The only real solution is to replace it with a corded mouse (I did).

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  5. I recently bought the MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer, too, and find the slight lag when first moving the mouse to be quite irritating. Isn't the lag caused by the mouses' power saving feature, where it is turned off when not being used? I think the lag is while initial motion is detected and power is being turned on. I was wondering whether there are any adjustments inside the mouse that would increase the timeout before power-off. It seems to power-off after only 2 or 3 seconds or so. If this could be increased to 10 - 20 seconds, it would greatly reduce the number of times lag is experienced, instead of every time you pause with the mouse.

    Has anyone taken the mouse apart to look for adjustments?

  6. Hi CactusJack, the lag I was talking about was while in constant motion in games, not when you first go to the mouse after having had your hand off it for a while. I think that's ok, except waking the computer up after you've let it go to sleep is more hassle than you expect.

    I've still got the mouse, it's grown on me. However the wheel "misses" are annoying and I'm still thinking of getting the MX700 instead.
  7. myrmecophagavir - I wonder if we're talking about the same symptoms. I, too, see the problem where the pointer does not move when I move the mouse a tiny amount. It seems to only happen after the mouse has been still for a few seconds, though, which is why I attributed the cause to the mouse having to "wake up" power. I see the wheel movement problem, too. First click does nothing, requires a second click. I theorized that this was also due to the mouse hesitating while powering-on. Perhaps this is not the cause at all, but whatever it is, it sure is irritating. I'm real close to going back to a corded optical mouse.

  8. I think the tiny movement problem happens not just when the mouse has been idle for a few seconds, I can try it whenever I'm moving around. They say the MX700 is as good as a corded mouse, that's one to try I guess.
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