Screwed up formatting on a careers website. Can windows 7 help me?

Hello hello.

I am trying to delete and edit documents on a careers website. I have submitted several documents that may have names longer than the system is used to and consequently some of the icons that I need are missing.

Is there anything I can do VIA internet options or regular firefox tweeks that will help make the trash and edit attachment link clickable again?

Anyhelp is greatly appreciated!!!
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  1. Delete your account.
  2. I would contact the site to report the formatting issue.

    Did you check the source code for the page? Info in the non-displayed columns might be available.
  3. Deleting the account isn't an option, as I have an open application for a position that is closed to new applications. Ill check into the source code though, Thanks.
  4. Can the column width be moved with your mouse ? (might be able to click and drag the column width - to make the name column narrower and allow the rest to show up) -- OR is there a way for you to modify the File Names to shorten them so they fit in the column properly ? -- might also try a different Browser as some websites format differently with different browsers.
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