Antec 900 cooling question..

Hey guys, below is my setup and have a couple of questions on overclocking / cooling..

Antec 900
4GB Corsair RAM
Intel Q6600 quad, currently at 3.00ghz but i want more..
ATI Radeon 4870 512MB
One 500GB HD, and two 250GB drives,
2 DVDRW drives,
An aftermarket CPU cooler, cost about £30 ish
Corsair 750W PSU

I want to move into watercooling, and I have been reading many forums and sites and reviews about what to buy and how I can do it.

I want to water cool my CPU. I would cool my GPU, but it has like a covering over it as its a double slot with a fan, so don't think I can do that.

I am willing to have the pump, res, RAD outside of my case, thats not a problem..

1. What size RAD would I need so that I could overclock this to like 3.6 or 3.8 or even 4.0GHZ? Would I need 120? 240? or even more?

2. Also, Would the fact that my GPU throwing out so much heat affect the cooling as well?

3. To effectively push cool air through the RAD to cool the water, would I be better off moving the RAD away from my computer, rather than mount it directly on the back or top of my case?

4. I had a look at the corsair H50 cooler, but I read somewhere that its a mixture with aluminium and copper which causes corrosion, and also read that as its only a 120mm fan its not effective for overclocking the CPU?

Thanks for any help you give :)

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  1. This is where the sticky at the top helps. The links listed there is where you start to dig to learn. The post about a res here is something you might want to read. New guy, same situation.

    Your GPU isn't anything special, you can watercool it.

    You should get AT a minimum a 120x2. What brand? Fins per inch? What is your Delta T temps your shooting for? These questions and loads of others need to be answered. All in time, read read, read. Give it time.

    Don't see many Q6600s past 3.6 without crazy amounts of volts etc, and getting 4.0 might be possible with a cherry chip and Ln2.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply!

    So can I take off the big cover with the fan on the radeon 4870? I had no idea lol

    So if i need 120x2 then the corsair h50 is no good for me..

    3.6 GHZ would be good :)

    I am just concerned about how good the actual cooling will be, do the radiators really work well?

    I will look on those sites on the sticky, and yeah I read the thread about the res earlier this morning :) well I flicked through it..

    I realised yesterday that if i were to cool my CPU too much, it could condense and fry my components, which I had never thought about before..


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