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Hi Everyone,

I'm pretty new to the recent developments in PCs and have a quick question with regards to updating the memory in my rigg.

I recently bought a gaming system from Cyberpower and I do love it, however when I bought it I cheaped out a little and only got 2gigs of OCZ Gold PC6400 800mz Non-ECC RAM with it.

I now want to install 4gigs of the same RAM, however it looks like my motherboard (MSI P31 Neo V2) can only have two slots of DDR RAM installed at any time.

I was just wondering what my options are with regards to kits? As far as I can see I'd either have to get 4x 1gig slips of SDRAM or 2x 2gig slips of DDR, in which case I was looking at getting the following kit:

Would this be suitable for my Mobo? and is it a good brand of RAM?

Thanks for any help any of you can offer,

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  1. yep that ram would work fine. OCZ and corsair make great memory. your motherboard supports up to 800Mhz ram so anything more than that wouldn't be necessary. also, if you can, get a 2x2GB configuration. it leaves you room to upgrade if you ever want to, and 2 DIMMS will use less power than 4.
  2. Maximum Memory 4GB
    Memory Slots 4 (2 banks of 2) Install in pairs
    better on the cpu to get the 2x2GB Kit

    Memory- DDR2 667/ 800 SDRAM (4GB Max)
    - 4 DDR2 DIMM slots (240-Pin/ non-ECC)
    (For more information on compatible components, please visit
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