Monitor acts strange ( or graphics card )

Well my monitor, according to catalyst center, supports till 1920x1080 which I use for word, exel etc. If I start a game like 'Crysis Warhead' I can choose till 1920x1080 but if i select anything higher as 1200x1080 the monitor stops and gives an error message, out of range and some frequency's. What's the problem? I have the newest drivers installed, not for my screen.


Iiyama s700JT1

Graphics Adapter

HD2900XT 1Gb DDR 3 or 4.
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  1. hmm Is it possible that the refresh rate the game is trying to force is too high for the resolution your monitor supports?
  2. I'don't know if thats it, I cant see a refresh rate option in the menu ( using garry's mod ).
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