My temp please help

hey guys I got a 68 c maximum temp in REALTEMP is it okay i have 2 fans in the new casing.OCCT shows around 74 c which one is true
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  1. get another program to measure the temps to see which one is more accurate, I recommend using SpeedFan or CPU-Z Hardware Monitor. See which temp is correct with those. :)
  2. Sorry Miccx for posting 4 times.

    And u guys said it was too hot but my default cpu c2d
    2.53 shows 64 c maximium in real temp and my overclocked cpu c2d 3.1 showed 68 c
    so there is only 4 c difference in between overclocked and default so is it too hot?Its just 4 c man.I AM NEW TO OVERCLOCKING SO I DONT KNOW ABOUT TEMPERATURES.
  3. And by the way Everest, Speedfan and real temp show the same temperature.I t shows 68 c maximum.And i think 68 c is a accurate temperature.

  4. how many hours should i run the prime 95 test man.In a video a person said it is enough just to run it for 1 hour i that true.

    LINK for video-
  5. And is cahnging the voltage safe or changing the fan speed safe for reducing temps?
  6. I have all my fans set to 100% in the BIOS, you can set it in there. Yes, this should reduce your temps more if the fans are not already at 100%. Try running P95 for atleast 6 hours to see if it is stable. If it is, try lowering the vcore by the smallest amount, and then run P95 again for atleast 6 hours to see if it's stable. Run it for 12 - 24 hours to see if it's completely stable. If your temps are still above 60C I would suggest getting a third party cooling solution for your CPU, make sure it's the correct socket before you buy the CPU cooler.

    ***First***, take a look in CPU-Z, what does it show your vcore to be? And look in the BIOS, what is the vcore set to there? If I know those two numbers I can help you more on your overclock.
  7. i changed the cpu voltage and fan speed and now in real temp and cpu z and other softwares my core speed and multiplier is changing from second to second that cant happen right .PLEASE HELP
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    Try disabling Speedstep and C1E in the bios.
  9. YEP that worked thanks Miccx .THANK U VERY MUCH.

    FOr a minute i thought that my processor was dead.
  10. YEP that worked thanks Miccx .THANK U VERY MUCH.

    FOr a minute i thought that my processor was dead.
  11. Hey i dont have any cash to buy a cooler so can i continue.

    the computer doesnt restart or freeze it runs well.

    It says 68 c maximum for core 1 and after some time it reduced to 65 c.
    SO CAN i continue. (no cash man.)
  12. vcore means cpu voltage right?IF it is Cpu voltage then

    CPU Z shows 1.216 v
    Bios shows - default
  13. Vcore means cpu voltage right? if it is cpu voltage then

    CPU Z shows 1.216 v

    Bios shows default
  14. And my default cpu is c2d 2.53 overclocked is 3.1. And i only get an increase of 500 MHz is it worth the risk.

    And my socket is 775 LGA . Fans for 775 Lga are only for p4 i cant understand and only intel fans are available
  15. Yes vcore is CPU voltage. You're vcore seems good, you can actually push it up to 1.3625 vcore in BIOS and still be safe, however your temps are too high, I would first get an aftermarket CPU cooler before you oc any higher.
  16. If you have $50 to spare, I would recommend getting the CNPS9700 LED cooler. just make sure your case has clearance room to fit it, it's huge, but works very well. :)

    Go on and in the search box type in "LGA 775 cooler" and the CPU cooler I recommended will come up, as well as many other coolers for that socket.
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