Memory stick failure

My YNOT 1109, 8GB memory stick is recognised by my XP computer. Its "properties" indicate it is full but I cannot access any files. I have tried to reformat to remove all files but the procedure fails.
Any ideas ?
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  1. Do you have any other computers to try it in?

    Did this drive just recently start doing this?
  2. Hi EXT64.
    I have tried four different computers plus one iMac. Does the same on all.
    It worked for about a month prior to this so I have quite a bit of data stored on it which I can't access now.
  3. Well, you could try
    (the free version)

    I have used it on (and seen others do likewise) mechanical drives exhibiting similar symptoms. No idea if it will help with yours, but worth a shot. May take a while though if the file system is shot.
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