NVSTOR.SYS BSOD when trying to do anything

I'm asking this on behalf of my brother who is having many issues with a new custom built computer, but this issue has me stumped.

The last motherboard we used quit on us in the middle of use. Computer turned off randomly cause of this. So we now have a Jetway 775GT1-LOGE and I was seriously hoping this would work without a hitch, but to no avail. With this Mobo we cant even get windows to start. I tried all the ram, used different ram from another PC, wiped the hard drive, tried to install vista 32 bit XP professional Windows 7, changed the IDE drive port on the motherboard for the CD drive, switched the SATA port on the mobo, the only thing I haven't done is update the BIOS which is only 6 days old from the one posted on the website and that's because it requires a floppy drive which we don't have. I am out of ideas. We have a computer that turns on and thats about it, we can get into the bios and change things. I even changed things in the BIOS that I thought would help and still no go. Someone help me out here please. I'm frustrated and out of ideas.
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  1. If they provide an updated BIOS, it's to support new CPU models and/or to fix bugs. I'd update to the latest BIOS; a USB floppy drive isn't too expensive and can be moved from computer to computer.
    However, start with the basics. Download and burn a CD of the bootable memtest86+ CD image. Boot from that and run memtest86+ overnight to make sure there are no major memory issues.
    Next, try booting from an Ubuntu Live CD, like the desktop 32-bit version of 8.10 and see if that works OK, if you can surf the net, etc.

    nvstor.sys should be an nVidia (drive) storage driver; I'm not sure why you would get that error while installing Win XP, having booted from the Win XP install CD.
  2. I haven't run memtest yet but we did boot up linux and browse the net. The nvstor.sys is an issue because the motherboard is an nvidia chipset mobo. This is a low end motherboard. I think We should just send it back the chance we get and try a new one.
  3. if I were you, I'd try a different hard drive -I know from experience that a bad/going bad or infected hard drive can cause all the things you've described, and it would make sense along with the nvstor -I had all the same things happen suddenly, couldn't install or start windows, bsod, couldn't get into bios- it turned out to be some virus in the unseen parts of the hard drive, and only a full wipe and repartition solved it -but not completely, so I now use that drive as a slave for file storage only -other than a bad mobo, that's what it sounds like to me
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