Help with wat PSU to get for my 4870 1gg's in crossfire?

Hey guys, im looking to crossfire my system and have x2 4780 1gg's here but i have no idea on wat psu to go for..

i have a coolmaster 620w atm, but i dont think it will handle it.

any help and knowledge on this would be apprecited thx.

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  1. Sorry forgot some specs.

    Asus P6T delux mobo.

    i7 920 @ 3.6ghz.

    WD 620gb HDD.
  2. 620W is enough, 4870 consumes around 130W so two of those is 260w, (likely a little less because the second card is a bit lazy :P )

    just make sure the psu has 550W (or more) on the 12V rails and you'll be fine. (250 for the cards, 150 for the cpu for really high OC and then a little extra)
  3. Does your PSU have the required 4 6pin PCI-e connectors?

    If not you should get one that does...Corsair TX750, PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750, Enermax Modu82+ 625W.
  4. +1 for what theAnimal said. Each 4870 video card will require two PCIe 6 pin power connections. Corsair and PC Power & Cooling are both excellent choices.

    You could in theory use adapter cables to convert 4 pin molex power cables into 6 pin PCIe power cables but I don't recommend it. You would be better off purchasing a power supply that meets your requirements.
  5. wow thx for all ur replies,

    i was thinking about cables to convert it's but wasnt sure about if it would work

    like u said 'in theory' it sould work, but why wouldnt u recommend it?

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