ReadWrite Errors on External WD 1TB drive

i have a wd 1TB external storage. i have used it for now close to an year without any problems...tho a couple of months ago, it started exhibiting read write errors for large files, with a repeated "access" noise precedding it, small files copied ok!

checked out other sites, most saying that it could be a USB problem, tried it on different comps...same problem. Now the drive is no longer visible, makes the same noise the moment i connect it with a popup saying that their is a read/write error...that the MBR could be damaged!

ive been told that i can yank out the actuall disk from its housing then connect it directly to my mother board! is this a kul idea? any other ideas?
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  1. go for warranty replacement...
  2. ^+1 for warranty replacement.
  3. warranty replacement? am afraid down here that doesnt work! hheehehe. and i need my data back!
  4. i have a feeling its not a head crush...maybe the "board" that interfaces between the usb part and disk is messed up somehow...causing all this errors....if its possible to get the harddisk out maybe i can recover data and disk!? if not atleast my hdd?
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    get hiren's boot cd..
    it has all the stuff you need..
    HDD repair tools , data recovery tools & lot
  6. thanks, i managed to get the hdd out of the external case, n am now able to hook it up to the comp! tho now all that remains is the repair with the cd youve suggested! thanks!
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  8. I had a External WD 500GB and there was a problem with power supply. And I took the hard disk out and connect it directly to PC, it worked... Asked support, this seems to be a relative common problem...
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